This is Slezak Podniky

Podniky is Czech meaning Enterprises. We have a diversified network of connected interests to provide technical support for businesses and families. We believe in sustainability and are striving to live and promote how it can work on our farm and our enterprises. We are the fourth generation to run the farm which is small grains and a cow/calf operation.

Slezak Natural Beef: Happy wandering cows
>Slezak Natural Beef: Happy wandering cows

Slezak Natural Beef – Lean beef from happy wandering cows.

Natural beef raised on pastures, hay, alfalfa and crop residue after harvest of corn and milo (sorghum). Our bulls are happy bulls, giving us sustainable herd dynamics. No animal recieves hormones or routine antibiotics. Tasty lean beef curently available as quarter, side and whole. Learn more.

Slezak Ag & Natural Resources: It’s All Connected

Slezak Ag & Natural Resources: It's ALL Connected
Slezak Ag & Natural Resources: It’s ALL Connected

Gerald is a Certified Crop Advisor. Kim is a Certified Forester. Together they approach sustainable use and yield of crops and other products often from outside the norm. From the soil microbes to beneficial insects amongst the tree leaves, the management of every resource affects every other resource – it’s all connected. Learn more.

Tree coming down? Let’s craft a dream.


Our newest endeavor, is foremost about reducing waste and utilizing a natural resource when it ends it’s life as a benefit provider. Not every tree can become fine furniture, but all trees can be utilized – if only as mulch or fuel, providing it’s last benefit. The purchase of a Wood-Mizer sawmill allows the highest use of each log to be realized, with a upcoming kiln will assist in getting the material faster to a final product. Learn more.


PC Nuts and PC Nuts Hosting: Providing web design/hosting and computer services to the ag industry and the world.

Started in the late 1980s, Gerald has helped families and businesses with thier computer needs from viruses and crashes to getting the best machine for the buck. He also introduced many to having their own web presence. Kim joined the business in 2007, designing websites from New Mexico while they were dating. Gerald continues to be the hardware and networking guru, while Kim assists clients with web design and custom software for their business workflow. Data management, precision ag mapping, geographic resource analysis are also available with the results often feeding into technical recommendations from Slezak Ag. Learn more PC Nuts   Learn more hosting.


Everlasting Light Images
Everlasting Light Images

Everlasting Light Images: Painting images with God’s Everlasting Light from roadsides and beyond.

Long before Kim and Gerald began dating, Kim had a nature photography website and did custom photo work. Everlasting Light Images continues today with canvas prints displaying the beauty of God’s creation in His everlasting light. Custom shots of your favorite place, the family farm, or a dream destination are also available. Learn more.